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Getting the Most Out of your Mountain Biking Experience in Bromont

Bromont is home to many outdoor activities that include skiing, hiking, and mountain biking. The city is partnering with cyclists who sport helmets and toting water bottles to help them get the most out of their love for mountain biking.

Bromont is recognized as one of the mountain biking destinations in Quebec. Trails here are given a makeover every year. Works in the terrain are carried out after the snow has melted with crews installing wood features and creating new downhill paths to make the mountain a paradise for riders.

People who love mountain biking anticipate the spring season with excitement. As the new bikes arrive and the pathway works are completed, people tend to get busy every second.

Kinds of Mountain Biking

People who flock to Bromont for mountain biking can take part in:

  • Downhill biking. In this kind of mountain biking, riders go down the mountain. They can go up by securing their bike to the chairlift. After getting there, they can ride their bike down to the foot of the mountain.
  • Enduro biking. This form of mountain biking includes riding trails which allow riders to climb and descend the mountain.

In Bromont, there are many downhill trails and Enduro trails along with learning zones, bike parks, and learning circuits. This ensures that there is something for riders of all levels and interests.

The Ticket to the Mountain Bike Experience

Getting a ticket to the Water Park allows the person to access the Mountain Bike Experience for free. They just need to go to the bottom of chairlift #4 with their wristband for the Water Park and they can be supplied with the equipment they need to take a ride down.

The Learn Zones

The learning zones are designed to help riders master the sport in a step-by-step process. They will be taught how to gain the skills they need for riding the mountain by overcoming obstacles, taking part in different exercises, and dealing with a pump track. In fact, there is also mountain bike school available in Bromont where students can get tips and advice to improve their position and help them make progress.

If you are planning to spend a week-end à Bromont for that wonderful bike experience, you don’t have to worry about the proper equipment because it is available there. From bikes to helmets, and protective gear, everything is ready when you get there.